E-Bike 101

E-Bikes at Bicycle Village

Bicycle Village is Colorado's largest electric assist bike, or e-bike, retailer! Stop into any of our 5 front range locations to demo an e-bike today. You have to ride one to see what all the excitement is about!

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E-Bike Benefits

There are many benefits to riding e-bikes besides having fun! You can go farther, go faster and fit any ride into your day. With the gravity-defying capabilities of the pedal-assist technology, any hill will melt beneath you. Eliminate the "sweat" factor in your commute, and show up fresher than ever. You can carry any load, whether it's your children or groceries, and not notice a difference in extra weight. You can face the headwind, head on. You can ride with your best friends, no matter their speed. Plus, research shows that e-bikes are used twice as often as a traditional bicycle. Since the pedal-assist technology only kicks it when it notices you need a little extra help, you are still getting a great workout

How Do They Work?

The most important part of an e-bike is what makes them move: the motor.
There are three common types of e-bike motors: front hub, rear hub, and mid-drive. 

Then, the battery is what makes the motor move! How long do batteries last?  Well it all depends on your riding style and how much of the motor you will use. There are three different ways to ride an e-bike: using the motor only (electric only), using the motor while pedaling (pedal assist), and pedaling without the motor, like a conventional bike (pedal only). 

Once you are done riding, recharging the battery is as easy as plugging into the wall! The battery is removable, making it easy to plug into any regular wall outlet to charge. 

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You can have an E-Bike for as low as $135 per month – interest free for 12 months!