Riding is more fun when you ride with others! There's no better source of motivation, knowledge and camaraderie than your fellow riders. Bicycle Village offers a variety of group rides starting from each of our locations. 

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Social rides are strictly geared towards FUN. They are great place to do your first ride, and make new friends! They are typically destined for a local coffee shop.

Maximum Speed: 12 mph
Average Distance: 12-25 miles
Suggested Bike: Hybrid, Comfort, Cruiser, or Mtn Hardtail

Looking for an encouraging, social, group of women to ride with? Join us for a 17.5 mile women's ONLY group ride. This no drop* ride is beginner friendly and focused on skill building and becoming comfortable riding with others. The route is mostly on bike paths and park roads, looping through Cherry Creek State Park. The pace is 13-15 mph with breaks to regroup and talk about technique.

Maximum Speed: 13-15 mph
Average Distance: 17.5 miles

Recreational rides are a great workout if you want to push yourself a little bit. You typically try to ride once or twice a week, your just getting back into the sport after some time off, or your commute to work is too short and you want MORE! You also may just feel that the distance and pace of the Intermediate ride is too much.

Average Speed: 10-15 mph
Average Distance: 25-35 miles
Suggest Bike: Beginner Road, Hybrid

Intermediate rides are for those who are confident on their bike, and have experience with longer rides at faster speeds. You prefer a steady pace over taking breaks. You like to venture to new places, discover new routes, and meet new friends whom enjoy cycling as much as you!

Average Speed: 14-18 mph
Average Distance: 35-50 miles
Suggested Bike: Road

Advanced rides are for those who want to be pushed to new limits and raise the bar! You love attacking hills, riding hard, and going the distance. You want to practice pace lines and drafting. You're in good shape and prepared for this strong of a ride.

Average Speed: 16-20 mph
Average Distance: 40-60 miles
Suggested Bike: Road