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About the Littleton Store

Bicycle Village, Littleton, is fortunate to be located just south of Denver in a suburban area dominated by parks & open space.  The city of Littleton boasts nearly 1500 acres of pristine parks and recreation land, all with an amazing mountain backdrop and plenty of trails for Colorado cyclists to spend sunny days in the saddle.

BV's Littleton store is 15,000 square ft. stocked impressively to meet the needs of the Greater South Suburban cyclists.  With competitive trails  like Deer Creek Canyon and great recreational rides nearby, BV Littleton is a big part of the Littleton cycling community.  We offer an unmatched selection of cycling, triathlon, and multi-sport apparel, accessories, and components as well as more than 800 built bikes from ElectraHaroMirracoScottRaleigh,  Trek and more. 

You will find everything you need to keep you in the saddle at Bicycle Village, Littleton. And when something goes wrong with your bike you can rely on our experienced Pro Shop and Service Department Staff to make sure your bike is the perfect fit, and that it is tuned to perfection.  We go the extra mile to meet your needs.  Serving the Greater South Suburban cycling community is our passion here at Bicycle Village.  We look forward to seeing you in our Littleton store.  Please don't hesitate to contact the Store Manager  with questions or suggestions. 

meet the staff

Meet the Managers

Jason Newcomer
Store Manager
Peter McGrath
Service Manager
Hometown: Westminster, CO
I own 4 bikes and my favorite is the mountain bike. The best ride is Porcupine Rim, but my favorite riding experience was watching my daughter pedal her bike for the first time! My favorite breweries are Great Divide and Oscar Blues.
Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, IL
My favorite bike out of the 3 I own is my Trek Slash! The Dirt Slayer. My favorite places to ride are Lair o the Bear, Golden Bike Park, or "The Hill" in Elgin, IL. My favorite brewery is Breckenridge Brewery, to the bru crew!
Jubal Jenson
Assistant Manager
Peggy Gaffney
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
My favorite bike is my Trail Bike, and I currently own 4. Buffalo Creek is my favorite place to ride, but my coolest riding trip was to Oakridge, OR. Mountain Toad Brewing is the best brewery.
Hometown: Madison, WI
My favorite bike I've had was first bike, a bright red tricycle. Good memories and crazy fun times. The Platte River Trail is the best ride. My favorite beer is Breckenridge Brewery, BBQ and Agave Wheat!

Meet the Staff

Brent Bulger
Philip Mathys

Nate Vacura
Shipping and Receiving

Hometown: Houston, TX
I currently own 4 bikes. My favorite is my Felt road bike, the one I rode from Austin to Anchorage. The best place to ride is Banff National Park in Canada. My coolest riding experience was when I rode 4500+ miles across the continent, following the rocky mountains, crossing the continental divide 9 times from Austin to Anchorage. My favorite brewery is Avery, by far, especially if you get a chance to chat with the founder, a cyclist himself.

I currently own 3 bikes and my favorite is my Orbea Opal. My favorite place to ride is Deer Creek Canyon, and my best riding experience was racing Ironman Texas in the woodlands. My favorite brewery is Old Blinking Light. Hometown: Thornton, CO
I currently own 6 bikes, and the Trek Superfly 9.8 is my favorite. The Colorado Trail is the coolest ride. The best riding experience is coaching a high school team, and getting to be a fan at their races. Nothing like watching 800+ young riders going at it. My favorite brewery is Broken Compass. 

David Merson
Lead Mechanic

Scott Bertrand

Hometown: Denver, CO.
I own 3 bikes, and my favorite is my Fat Bike State Bicycle CO. Megalith. My favorite place to ride is anywhere in Colorado, but my coolest riding experience was when I was in elementary school living in Alaska. I went on a Summer Solstice night ride. It was such an amazing experience, and then I fell in love with riding bikes. Red Rocks is my favorite hangout.

Hometown: Deadwood, SD
I currently own 4 bikes, my mountatin bike is my favorite at the moment but I also enjoy my road bike. I can't pick a favorite place to ride because Colorado is a beautiful place to ride both mountain and road. My coolest experience was doing the week long ride across Iowa called RAGBRAI. From Missouri to the Mississippi River. My favorite beer is Left Hand Milk Stout.