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Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir Hose
$4.97 $9.00 45% Savings
Osprey's Hydraulics Reservoir hose is a replacement part for any Hydraulics hydration system. • Features a flexible 1/4" / 6.35mm hose for faster water flow. • BPA and PVC free
Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Kit
$9.97 $24.00 58% Savings
Osprey's Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Kit keeps your hydration system clean and free of nasty tastes and odors. It includes two brushes: a tube brush for scrubbing the full length of the delivery tube and an effective, corner-reaching reservoir brush. Plus, the kit comes with 2 cleaning tablets and a drying rack that inserts into your bladder, letting it drain and dry after you've cleaned it.
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